Bryan Milner

Bryan Milner is a settlement consultant with Sage Settlement Consulting. His expertise includes over two decades of financial industry experience. He has been assisting attorneys and their clients nationwide for nearly twenty years.

Bryan takes a compassionate, comprehensive approach. He understands the important and complex financial decisions that face individuals and families who are receiving settlements.

Bryan provides creative structured settlement options and helps attorneys navigate the complexities of settlement-related issues. His broad spectrum of services includes:

• Personal Injury Cases for Minors and Adults
• Medical Malpractice Cases
• Wrongful Death Cases
• Structures for MSAs (& non-MSAs) on Workers • Comp Cases
• Brain Injury Cases
• Sexual Harassment Cases
• Employment Law Cases
• Family Law Cases
• Construction Cases
• Class Action Cases
• Attorney Fee Structures
• Special Needs Trusts/Pooled Trusts/Settlement Preservation Trusts
• Alien Disbursement Accounts
• Non-Qualified Market-Based Plans

Bryan makes sure he is personally available to attorneys and their clients seven days a week. He is quick to respond, whether it is answering a question or a request, creating structure plans, preparing documents, or monitoring the structure policy issue. He is available throughout the entire structure process and long after the case concludes as well. He can also attend mediations when needed or be available exclusively by phone throughout the day of mediation.

Bryan graduated from the University of Missouri. He is a member of the American Association of Settlement Consultants (AASC) and is currently licensed in 16 states.